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Hebrew Language

Jewish History Tables


Genesis 2 vs. 3 and the Concept of Nature


History of the Ancient and Modern Hebrew Language

by David Steinberg


Ugaritic Literature as an Aid to Understanding the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)


Asherah in Deuteronomy 33?


A Short History of the Hebrew Language

by Chaim Rabin

Israelite Religion to Judaism: the Evolution of the Religion of Israel


Jewish Sects of the Second Temple Period


Linguistic Changes Affecting the Pronunciation of Biblical Hebrew 2000 B.C.E. - 850 C.E.

According to Various Scholars

The Origin and Nature of the Samaritans and their Relationship to Second Temple Jewish Sects

The Samaritans; the earliest Jewish sect: their history, theology, and literature

by James A Montgomery


The Samaritan Liturgy Edited by A. E. Cowley


Divine Retribution in Rabbinic Literature

by Solomon Schechter


Biblical Hebrew Poetry and Word Play - Reconstructing the Original Oral, Aural and Visual Experience
by David Steinberg

The Greek Influence on Judaism from the Hellenistic Period Through the Middle Ages c. 300 BCE- 1200 CE


Talmudic Doctrine of God

by R. Travers Herford


A Review of Phonology and Morphology of Biblical Hebrew
by J. Blau

Flavius Josephus, Judaea and Rome: A Question of Context



The Idea of Torah in Judaism

by George Foot Moore



A Lexicon of Unmarked Consonantal Phonemes in Biblical Hebrew:

1. /ḫ/ [x]

2. /ġ/ [ɣ]

The Economic Condition of Judaea after the Destruction of the Second Temple by Adolph Buchler


Some Ecumenical Thoughts on Sin


Body Part Metaphors and Euphemisms in Biblical Hebrew

Arabs, Edomites and Jews - Getting on With Your Relatives


A Comparison of the New Conservative Humash, Etz Hayim, with those of Plaut and Hertz

The New Plaut Humash



Temple Tablet Transcription and Translation

Guide to Ancient Treasures and the Dead Sea Scrolls and Comments and Critique of the Exhibit


Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaisms - Contrasting Positions on Key Issues


A Note on Esther 8:17 – What did the Gentiles Do?

What Should We Call Eretz Israel/Land of Israel - Filasţīn/Palestine?


Theology and halakhah of Conservative Judaism

Conservative Judaism: Our Ancestors to Our Descendants

By Elliott N Dorff


Suggested Etymology of SH-B-R Meaning to Purchase or Ration Grain

Some Power Sources Compared


Kaufmann Kohler and the Rise of Reform Judaism in America


Israel Language Policy and Linguistics

by Haiim B Rosen

Some Data on Early Jets

The Steam Turbine and Other Inventions of Sir Charles Parsons



Seder Tisha B’Av – Readings

Meta-questions for Discussion at the Passover Seder


Israeli Hebrew

by David Tene

Why New France Ended Up As It Did – Under-Populated and Swallowed by the English


Islam and Judiasm

Influences Contrasts and Parallels

by David Steinberg


Words and their History

by E. Y. Kutscher

Considerations Regarding the Future of the Public Media




Hebrew Slang and Foreign Loan Words

by Raphael Sappan

CIDA as an Organization: A Private Opinion


History Archaeology and the Bible – What Really Happened and How can we Know it?



British Ruled India



Essay on the Simon Commission

Essay on Nehru Report

 Essay on Indian Constitutional Round Table Conferences, London 1931-1933

 Essay on The Government of India Act 1935

Indian Fiscal Autonomy Convention (1919-1939) - What Did it Mean?

Parallel and Divergent Aspects of British Rule in the Raj, French Rule in Indochina, Dutch Rule in the Netherlands East Indies (Indonesia), and American Rule in the Philippines


Ethannan, Ekev and Shoftim - Commandment for Genocide? 



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